Street Festival Show

Street Show

The Street festival performance is about 25 to 30 minutes long, and it is very entertaining and funny, yet artistic with the involvement of the audience. I use different elements and techniques, e.g. Cyr wheel, artistic bike, acrobatic moves and some clown elements. It is thought of for street festivals or outdoor shows with a large audience. For more detailed information, please contact me.

Technical rider

❖ Duration: 25 to 30 minutes &vbCrLf ❖ 2-3 shows a day (with a break of 30 min between each show) ❖ minimum space needed: 7x7 meters, more even better, height 3 meters ❖ flat and even surface, can’t be wet, no, grass, carpet, no incline ❖ sound system apt to the place of performance and number of audience with input for MP3, USB or iPod ❖ In case of darkness, light system NOTE: If you like to book the show with the LED Lights inside the wheel, then there must be a stage or something similar and adequate light/sound system. Also, the surrounding should be dark (night if the event will be open-air).

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