Windows 8.1 mac theme download free
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Windows 8.1 mac theme download free

Windows 8.1 mac theme download free

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Windows 8.1 mac theme download free.Download OS X Mavericks theme and Give your Windows PC a Mac look

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However, the administration does not actually regulate nor take active participation in monitoring the manufacture or sale of cosmetics to prevent the proliferation of adulterated consumer products in the market. Or will they work as they should? Your email address will not be published. Ankur [ Reply ].

Bob Pinciati [ Reply ]. Kai Hall is ur nan [ Reply ]. Sayalel [ Reply ]. Amanuel [ Reply ]. Wales [ Reply ]. John [ Reply ]. Harald [ Reply ]. Russell Holly [ Reply ]. Chong Lee [ Reply ]. What can you say…. Reg [ Reply ]. The application does not mess with the modern interface at all and you will only notice the changes once you have switched to the desktop mode in Windows 8. One thing that disappointed me was that there were no changes in the logon screen in Window 8 which makes the whole fake Mac OS X experience a little disappointing.

But this Mac theme for Windows completely themed and changed the desktop which made it look amazingly similar to the real thing. This skin pack for Windows 8 is around 35 Mb in download size and installs all the required files in a single go making the installation process very simple and fast. You can download this Mac theme for Windows 8 from the link down below. In total this is one of the most stable skin packs I have ever used on Windows 8 and it did not mess with my system causing problems which most of the skin packs like these tend to do.

OS X Theme – Download. One thing that is common with all these themes that each of them have one glitch or the other – and none of them are perfect but still does the job. In case you know about any other OS X themes for Windows, that I missed out here do let me know in the comments section. Here are a few more Windows 7 themes. Mac Theme for Windows 7 – Download 4. Mac OS Theme – Download 6. OS X Theme – Download One thing that is common with all these themes that each of them have one glitch or the other – and none of them are perfect but still does the job.


Windows 8.1 mac theme download free.Macos X style theme for Windows 8.1

Instagram added support for 15 second videos a few months back.


Download OS X Mavericks Theme For Windows , 8 And 7 [VIDEO] | Redmond Pie


Add to Favourites. Suggested Collections. Windows 8 VS by Misaki Theme win7, 8 by Cleodesktop. Macos X style theme for Windows 8. Mac os X for Windows 8. It is complete New made theme based to the default aero of windows 8. Inspiration : ‘Think Different’s author, the immortal Steve Jobs. Do not modify, edit , copy it or change the name or the images or the code of it, or use it to any project or copy it anyway in any meaning. After the Applying of the themes and the utilities needed, we have Mac OS X selecting folder appearance, stripes to details and content view and symmetry to our windows 8.

Also Details Pane to the right part of window and Preview pane to the Top. When forinstance we select a folder as ‘icon’, we have separate mouse over image for the folder and other image for the text. When we select a folder as ‘details’ we can have stripes, and mouse over images like mac os X , blue hover and white text. With additional code added the Preview Pane setted to Top, and Details Pane setted to right like to osx.

Also Folderband is the command bar i which is written ‘Organise’, ‘Open’ etc is included to the preview pane. Attention: if both Preview Pane and Details Pane are appeared, then we will have this kind of appearance: Details pane will give the preview of the current file or folder we select with our mouse and also the details text description of it Preview pane will give the preview of the folder that contains the selected file or folder. Also, if we like to have always shown the Folderband just open the preview pane and set the vertical slider at his minimum position to the top.

To use the visual styles mstyle to your windows 8. For the transparent themes needed to download the Aero Glass for Win8. Please use only the OldNewExplorer option. How to change the looking of a folder when you have installed my imageres dll which contain mac os x style icons. So it is better unchecked the ‘Use check boxes to select items’. This is a special work so please respect it. Published: Mar 17, Comments Join the community to add your comment.

Already a deviant? Log In. Great to see Apple brainwashing sheeps taking it to the next level. Now to even use Windows, they have to make it look like a Mac.

BBC Radio 1xtra brainwashing made me happy and able to appreciate sleek designs, Apple’s and Microsoft’s included. I appreciate good companies that don’t try to fuck consumers over by BSing a lot of stuff. So, in the folder i don’t found ” mac os x style icons” to change the icons W8′ style in to Mac OS X’s style.

Then i ask your help to do this. Icons are not included in this theme you’ll have to download a software like 7tsp to change them! As I refer I do not allow modifications of my work. All code, images are designed under my view. Aristotel and Plato are not in life, but their works influenced our civilization. Immortal is because his spirit ideas and works, without comparing anyone.

Wish someone could do a new Finderbar. The old from Sven has been hanging around sometimes now. Rocketdock works great for the dock but in the original dock, there’s a transperant frame around objects name.

But so far, this is the best theme that has caught the original feeling. Thanks again! Thank you for your comment. YAAY Brushed! I fell in love with the first approach i had on far past, seen the brushed mac os x appearance, so I decided ever to transport them, under my view, to the world of windows.

It is more emotional that brought that feeling when Steve returns to Apple and after with Jaguar, Panther, Tiger and the first pre realeased brushed versions of Leopard, that made that superior proud feeling when you use them, and there was that ‘magic’ that only S.

Jobs can inspire to the designers , to the ‘appearance’ feeling of the os, and to the user that feels so great. Dat description. Nice work! Thanks, the check boxes was the problem. Yes, glad it solved. I unchecked the ‘Use check boxes to select items’ , and ‘normaly’ by default to most if not all systems is unchecked. If I double click on the icon in one of the icon modes, then the select box is ticked, nothing opens, If I select the icon, box is ticked, double click only deselect the icon.

If I select detailed view I can double click normal as usual. This happens only if I select Big, Medium or Small icon set in view. Hi, best theme for and great work!

One thing though – the icons in folder view are not click-able, only way to open is to click to be selected, right click and in the pop-up menu, open. Any chance that you could fix that? We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Learn More Manage your personal settings.


Download OS X Mavericks Theme for Windows .6 Apple Macintosh Mac OS Themes – Windows 8 & Windows 7


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