Windows 10 download folder remove groups free –
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Windows 10 download folder remove groups free –

Windows 10 download folder remove groups free –

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How to clear your downloads folder – Fix the Downloads folder layout

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Mar 30,  · Hello everyone! So I recently re installed windows 10 and every time i download a file it goes into a folder based on its file type so lets say i download file it will go into the main downloads folder then a sub folder called archives. Follow these steps to create installation media (USB flash drive or DVD) you can use to install a new copy of Windows 10, perform a clean installation, or reinstall Windows Before you download the tool make sure you have: An internet connection (internet service provider fees may apply). How to reomve the grouping in windows 10 downloads folder and make it permanent.

How do I disable grouping by date for files in Download folder after – Microsoft Community.Is there a way to stop the downloads folder from grouping items?


Today when I came into work my screen looks like this, where everything has been put into “collapsible groups” based on file type:. The “none” option in the group by menu has been discontinued. Who the hell asked for that?

If I use File Explorer to view the folder it is not Grouped. There is no way that I have found to ungroup the damn folder from the Word Open display. I can choose Details, Icons, list, etc.

If Microsoft is watching, please find the idiot who caused this and ban them from their safe place. This works when viewing the folder normally in Explorer, but when I go to save a download inside a browser – it’s back to being grouped again and I don’t get the View menu in that control. I just want to easily see the sub folders of my downloads folder so I can save it in the right place, not just dump it anywhere like whoever these changes are aimed at.

I looked in so many places I don’t remember where I found the solution yesterday or the day before. When you get the screen with the grouped entries, right click in some white space within that dialog box. A selection box will open and Group is one of the choices. Click to open the sub-selections of Group and then select None. The order will revert to ungrouped. Does it piss me off that Microsoft seemingly changes things simply for the sake of change, or because some stoned developer thought it would be fun to screw with users?

Rather than remaining pissed off while I’m working, I’d rather have a solution that mitigates the annoyance, even if I have to eventually make the change on other folders. The proposed answer works for me.

If others don’t like it they are free to ignore it. So far I have not had to redo the ungroup, and I’m less pissed off, at least for now. Just sayin’. Seen the date of the recent of reply’s in this thread, i am not the only one who got seriously annoyed after recent windows 10 update. Microsoft decided to turn it on and every reboot its back again. Tried registry fix, no dice. Every single time i open downloads i need to turn that group by OFF.

I really don’t get the clue of the function at all! It makes is very hard to find anything. Especially when you search by NAME! You did it! Well, at least I’m pleased to see I’m not the only one so utterly fed up trying to be polite here! For anyone from the MS UI team Things are usable if and when people know how to use them. They are NOT usable when they are unfamiliar and people don’t know how to use them.

Generally, ‘screwing with the UI’ leaves people unfamiliar and unsure how to do things. Worse, it results in them being unfamiliar and unsure in how to complete a task they previously could complete with ease. Just to ensure you understand that point So, for your next UI team get together, build one large slide and present it to everyone in the room, explaining that screwing with the UI and leaving users that could previously complete tasks with ease uncertain and unable to complete tasks, is a dismal UX and a complete and utter fail for the UI team.

You take your car to the garage for a service. You come to collect it and the garage have decided to ‘improve’ your car and have changed all the switches and layout of the dashboard. What you used to push, you now have to pull, but if you pull and twist it does some new unexpected function.

Bascially, everything has been ‘streamlined’ Indeed, maybe your bought it because you particularly liked the old layout, and would certainly have grown used to it. Just stop doing it! Most of these ‘improvements’ make things worse Is any of this sinking in and does anyone from MS UI ever look at this stuff, or are they all so full of their own greatness they think there’s no need to actually consider what the poor suckers that actually have to live with their decisions think of their efforts?

I turned the forsaken function off the last 50 times it was enabled why do they think changing the setting I deliberately set to off back to on is a good idea? To use your anaology its like getting your car bit by bit restored to where you had it then next service they do it again and again and again because “This is better”. No, no it is not better this over here no windows shell function tab, no tap to click, no finger geastures, no group by random garbage, no whatever dumb idea they’ll come up with next because that one person likes it.

Please understand not only do you have the issues outlined in this thread where randomly changing existing features just angers and makes things difficult for your users. However if said user takes the time and effort to turn off all your fancy features and set things up differently its probably not because they don’t know what they’re doing so you need to disable the easy way to make those changes i need to reinstall old touchpad drivers every update so I can actually turn off the godforsaken tap to click.

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Today when I came into work my screen looks like this, where everything has been put into “collapsible groups” based on file type: Whereas when I left work on Friday it looked like this, which is NORMAL: How do I fix it? Edited by juckto Monday, December 12, PM.

Monday, December 12, PM. On your explorer menu, chose “View”, “Group by”, and set it back to option “None”. Thank you soo much! It helped me so well :. Friday, June 28, AM. This helps for the moment, but I have to do this in every folder on my system. Furthermore, it doesn’t prevent the grouping to appear in open dialogues. I am absolutely disgusted by this grouping, and want to get rid of it permanently. Is there really no way to do that? Tuesday, April 1, PM. I was stuck on this issue for hours, cuz i just KNEW that something looked different about the windows explorer libraries today.

It was annoying as hell, because I wasn’t even sure how to describe it. Just that the title things were never there before, and I wanted them gone.

Sunday, April 27, AM. Thank you so much!!! Was a bummer!! Thursday, October 2, PM. Friday, May 12, PM. Open the Folder. Tuesday, June 20, AM. Done thanks. Tuesday, September 19, AM. I am using windows 8. There is no “Group by” in View. Thank you. Sunday, February 4, AM. I said “I am using windows 8. There is no ‘Group By’ in View. Right click; it is not in “View”. The “none” option is not displayed at all. This does not fix the issue on my machine. Friday, November 30, PM. Friday, June 14, PM.

In the hunt. Sunday, June 30, PM.


Windows 10 download folder remove groups free. How to Disable or Enable File Grouping in File Explorer


With Windows Explorer on Windows 10, arranging your files and folders according to your preferred order is just a few clicks away. When viewing a folder full of files or subfolders, you can cycle between multiple icon views extra large, large, medium, small or dispense with icons altogether and give prominence to details or file content. You can decide to sort your files according to one of the default attributes like name, type, size, and date modified or in ascending or descending order.

From the foregoing, it is pretty clear that Windows Explorer places a lot of emphasis on the customizability of folder entries, thereby rendering the interface very easy to use and organized according to the tastes of individual users. The beauty of Explorer is that the sort, view and group options can easily be changed.

A user unsatisfied with a certain view mode only needs to click the View option to make another selection. Turning off file grouping in Windows will undo all grouping arrangements and revert files and folders to their default order. This can be useful in certain situations where linear sorting proves to be a sufficient method of arranging files.

If you would like to make file grouping universally disabled across your system, you can do that too. In order to successfully perform a systemwide file grouping disable, at least one folder structure should already be disabled. It then becomes a matter of applying the settings in that file folder across your entire system. You can change your preferences at any time whether for individual folders or all of them in a single move.

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Disable “grouped by date” in Downloads folder completely – Microsoft Community.

If you want to disable File grouping for all folders at once, you can do it from the Folder Options. · Open “File Explorer” and open any folder. How to disable file grouping for all the folders in Windows 10 If you would like to make file grouping universally disabled across your system. In the window that opens, highlight all the downloaded files using your mouse or press Ctrl + A. If you don’t want to.

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