At the age of 8 Francisco was already a member of the local artistic gymnastics team in his country Chile. Successive years he won regional and national competitions.

At the age of 18 he decided to add trampoline courses to his sports career. He managed to be an instructor and participated in various championships in this discipline.

He also specialized in vertical acro-balance (hand to hand) disciplines. Then he created with his friend and colleague Mauricio Villarroel, the company DUO TOBARICH, which showed an acro-balance or hand-to-hand show.

He has been working professionally as an acrobat for over 13 years, showing his show all over the world. He worked in street festivals, theaters, galas, private events, fashion shows, inaugurations of shopping centers…

Since a few years he got professionally into the world of the Cyr wheel and is presenting his world show.